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Geo-Ecology research group (GEco)

With its main base at NHM, the Geo-Ecology (GEco) research group’s main focus is to explore geo-ecological patterns and processes.

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Broadly speaking, members of GEco are interested in describing patterns of variation in nature, and understanding the processes that generate them.

Within GEco, we work:

  • across spatial and temporal scales,
  • on land and in water,
  • across biodiversity levels, i.e. from genes to populations, to ecosystems and to landscapes.

GEco members have a broad range of research expertise, and interact with researchers from other institutions, academic or applied, to form a larger group of GEco affiliates. This extended group includes terrestrial and aquatic ecologists, working with diverse types of data and questions, and using a wide spectrum of tools and approaches for their analyses. The common thread is a desire to share our passion and curiosity for understanding variation in nature.

Thus, as a group, GEco aims to integrate biological, ecological and geological knowledge, as well as the varying effects of human influence on nature.

Some of the GEco members taking part in the Spring Seminar 2013.

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