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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Liv Guro Kvernstuen Kvernstuen, Liv Guro Senior Engineer +47-22851683 +47 95 12 62 61
Picture of Karl-Henrik Larsson Larsson, Karl-Henrik Professor +47-22851624
Picture of Torkjell Leira Leira, Torkjell Adviser +47-22851681 Amazon, Biodiversity, Brazil, Climate change, Deforestation, Indigenous peoples, Human rights, Project management, Rainforest, REDD+
Picture of Jan T. Lifjeld Lifjeld, Jan T. Professor +47 22851726 Biology, DNA barcoding, Evolution, Birds, Sex and sexual conflict, Sperm cells, Systematics
Picture of Franz-Josef Lindemann Lindemann, Franz-Josef Head Engineer +47-22851659
Picture of Tone Lindheim Lindheim, Tone Museum Director +47-22851722 +47 97 07 94 59
Picture of Lee Hsiang Liow Liow, Lee Hsiang Associate Professor +47-22855078
Picture of Øystein Lofthus Lofthus, Øystein Principal Engineer
Picture of Bjørn Petter Løfall Løfall, Bjørn Petter Head Engineer +47-22851619
Picture of Jon Lønnve Lønnve, Jon Section Manager +47-22851753 +47-47805076
Picture of Andreas Løvold Løvold, Andreas Chief Research Technician 93416348 +47 934 16 348
Picture of Trude Magnussen Magnussen, Trude Doctoral Research Fellow Entomology, Systematics, Diptera, Speciation, Biodiversity, Biogeography
Picture of Vincent Manzanilla Manzanilla, Vincent Biology, Botany, Etnobotany, Medicinal Plants, Barcoding, Metabarcoding, Morocco, ION-Torrent PGM
Picture of Petter Zahl Marki Marki, Petter Zahl
Picture of Gunnhild M Marthinsen Marthinsen, Gunnhild M Head Engineer +47-22851874 +47-99535482 DNA barcoding, Genetic resources, Biodiversity, Biological diversity, Systematics, Evolution, Zoology, Botany, NorBOL
Picture of Sabrina Mazzoni Mazzoni, Sabrina +47 97 73 73 11
Picture of Fridtjof Mehlum Mehlum, Fridtjof Research Director +47 22851723 +47 95827782
Picture of Tor Salve Mjaaland Mjaaland, Tor Salve Principal Engineer +47-22851741
Picture of Anne Molia Molia, Anne Head Engineer +47-22851745
Picture of Axel Müller Müller, Axel Professor +47-22851689 Geology, Petrology
Picture of Nina Myrland Myrland, Nina Chief Research Technician +47-22851741 +47-90501157
Picture of Hans Arne Nakrem Nakrem, Hans Arne Professor +47-22851732 +47-92463785 Geology, Paleontology, Stratigraphy, Paleoecology, Svalbard, Oslo Graben, Ordovician, Silurian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Paleontological collections, Paleontological databases, Bryozoans, Conodonts
Picture of Anders Neergaard Neergaard, Anders Chief Research Technician +47-22851783 +47-90288955
Picture of Remi Aleksander Nielsen Nielsen, Remi Aleksander Chief Research Technician
Picture of Jenni Nordén Nordén, Jenni +47-22851615 Fungi ecology, Mycology