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Louis Boumans

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MSc Biology July 2007, University of Amsterdam, NL.

Before my biology studies, I worked in the field of linguistics at several Dutch universities (1993-2007), and later on as a secretary in biodiversity informatics projects at the University of Amsterdam (2007-2010).

February 2010, I started as a PhD candidate at NHM, UiO.


Ongoing and planned research projects

Speciation in aquatic insects
Supervisors: Arild Johnsen, Herman de Jong (Amsterdam) and John E. Brittain.
This project addresses selected topics in speciation mechanisms in aquatic insects, with some emphasis on Nordic species. The approach is a phylogeographic one using morphological characteristics as well as molecular methods.

Project summary


Publications in international peer-reviewed journals
Boumans L, Glaw F, Vieites D, Vences M, 2007, Deep differentiation of Northern Madagascan lineages inferred from comparative phylogeography of six widespread reptile species. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 45(3), 822-39.


  • Boumans, Louis & Johnsen, Arild (2015). Stonefly duets: vibrational sexual mimicry can explain complex patterns. Journal of ethology.  ISSN 0289-0771.
  • Aarvik, Leif; Boumans, Louis & Sørlibråten, Ove (2014). The horse chestnut leaf-miner, Cameraria ohridella Deschka & Dimić, 1986, (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) established in Norway. Norwegian Journal of Entomology.  ISSN 1501-8415.  61(1), s 8- 10
  • Boumans, Louis & Johnsen, Arild (2014). Species-specific communication bars interspecific mating between syntopic species of Zwicknia stoneflies (Plecoptera: Capniidae) . Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.  ISSN 0024-4066.  113(4), s 969- 980 . doi: 10.1111/bij.12372
  • Boumans, Louis & Murányi, Dávid (2014). Two new species of Zwicknia Murányi, with molecular data on the phylogenetic position of the genus (Plecoptera, Capniidae). Zootaxa.  ISSN 1175-5326.  3808(1), s 1- 91 . doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.3808.1.1
  • Kvifte, Gunnar Mikalsen & Boumans, Louis (2014). Further records and DNA barcodes of Norwegian moth flies, including three species new to the Norwegian fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae). Norwegian Journal of Entomology.  ISSN 1501-8415.  61, s 11- 14
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  • Boumans, Louis; de Jong, Herman & Oosterbroek, Pjotr (2013). The originally East Palaearctic crane fly Tipula (Platytipula) moiwana (Matsumura, 1916) (Diptera, Tipulidae) found in Oslo, an addition to the Norwegian fauna. Norwegian Journal of Entomology.  ISSN 1501-8415.  60(2), s 159- 162
  • Boumans, Louis & Baumann, Richard W. (2012). Amphinemura palmeni is a valid Holarctic stonefly species (Plecoptera: Nemouridae). Zootaxa.  ISSN 1175-5326.  (3537), s 59- 75
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  • Boumans, Louis (2011). Bijdrage aan de kennis van urbane motmuggen (Diptera: Psychodidae). Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen.  ISSN 0169-2453.  36, s 49- 68
  • Boumans, Louis (2011). Databasing the stoneflies (Plecoptera) at the Natural History Museum in Oslo reveals new Norwegian province records. Norwegian Journal of Entomology.  ISSN 1501-8415.  58(2), s 170- 179
  • Boumans, Louis (2011). The Plecoptera collection at the Natural History Museum in Oslo . Illiesia.  ISSN 1854-0392.  7(25), s 280- 290
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  • Boumans, Louis (2014). Hestekastanjemøllen er her. Park & anlegg : fagblad for grøntanleggssektoren.  ISSN 1503-1950.  13(3), s 16- 18
  • Boumans, Louis (2014). Mateguarding tactics can explain stonefly duetting patterns.
  • Boumans, Louis (2014). Ongoing speciation in a temporally isolated stonefly population - first experiences with RAD tags.
  • Boumans, Louis (2014). Speciation, Sexual Communication and Reproductive Barriers in Northern Hemisphere Stoneflies (Plecoptera, Arctoperlaria).
  • Boumans, Louis (2014). Two master’s theses on Norwegian stoneflies scanned. Perla. Annual Newsletter and Bibliography of The International Society of Plecopterologists.  32, s 17- 18
  • Boumans, Louis; Brittain, John Edward; Johnsen, Arild & Hogner, Silje (2014). Ecological speciation by temporal isolation in a population of the stonefly Leuctra hippopus (Plecoptera, Leuctridae).
  • Brittain, John Edward & Boumans, Louis (2014). Faunistics of stoneflies (Plecoptera) in northern Norway and barcoding of Scandinavian species.
  • Hanssen, Frank Ole; Mathur, Vinod B.; Athreya, Vidya; Barve, Vijay; Bhardwaj, Rupa; Boumans, Louis; Cadman, Mandy; Chavan, Vishwas; Ghosh, Mousumi; Lindgaard, Arild; Lofthus, Øystein; Mehlum, Fridtjof; Pandav, Bivash; Punjabi, Girish Arjun; Talàvan, Alberto Gonzàlez; Talukdar, Gautam; Valland, Nils & Vang, Roald (2014). Capacity building for Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Final report 2014: Indo- Norwe-gian pilot project on capacity building in biodiversity informatics for enhanced decision making, improved nature conservation and sustainable development .
  • Koese, Bram; van Maanen, Barend & Boumans, Louis (2014). De negendoornige wintersteenvlieg: een nieuwe aanwinst voor de Roer en Nederland (Plecoptera: Taeniopterygidae). Natuurhistorisch Maandblad.  ISSN 0028-1107.  103(7), s 215- 218
  • Boumans, Louis (2013). Intersexual communication as a barrier to gene flow in stoneflies.
  • Boumans, Louis (2012). Don’t rely on mitochondrial data alone: Phylogeography of the crane fly Tipula (Acutipula) maxima s.l.
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  • Boumans, Louis (2012). Speciation and phylogeny of aquatic insects.
  • Boumans, Louis; Brittain, John Edward & Johnsen, Arild (2012). DNA barcoding of Norwegian stoneflies and heptageniid mayflies.
  • Boumans, Louis; Johnsen, Arild & Brittain, John Edward (2012). DNA barcoding of Norwegian stoneflies and hepatageniid mayflies.
  • Boumans, Louis (2011). Artsdannelse hos akvatiske insekter i Norden.

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