José Cerca de Oliveira

PhD Candidate
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Room 305
Visiting address Zoological Museum Sars gate 1 0562 Oslo Norway
Postal address PO Box 1172 Blindern N-0318 Oslo Norway

I am an evolutionary biologist working under Torsten Hugo Struck.I am fascinated by the enormous potential of modern genomic and bioinformatic approaches. I am interested in processes such as speciation, adaptive radiation and morphological stasis.

In my thesis I am studying the cryptic species complex of the interstitial polychaete Stygocapitella subterranea. We aim to:

  • Establish the biogeographic profile and evolutionary history of the species complex
  • Understand how these species have reponded to past climatic changes
  • Understand the absence of morphological variance between the species
  • Understand the genomic basis of progenesis. 

For more information, please see my personal website.


  • Struck, Torsten H; Feder, Jeffrey L.; Bendiksby, Mika; Birkeland, Siri; Cerca De Oliveira, Josè; Gusarov, Vladimir; Kistenich, Sonja; Larsson, Karl-Henrik; Liow, Lee Hsiang; Nowak, Michael; Stedje, Brita; Bachmann, Lutz & Dimitrov, Dimitar (2017). Finding Evolutionary Processes Hidden in Cryptic Species. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.  ISSN 0169-5347.  33(3), s 153- 163 . doi: 10.1016/j.tree.2017.11.007 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary

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