Birgitte Lisbeth Graae Thorbek

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Phone +47-22851818
Room 043
Visiting address Zoological Museum
Postal address Postboks 1172 Blindern 0318 OSLO
Tags: DNA


  • Bendiksby, Mika; Brysting, Anne Krag; Thorbek, Lisbeth; Gusarova, Galina & Ryding, Olof (2011). Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Lamium L. (Lamiaceae): Disentangling origins of presumed allotetraploids. Taxon.  ISSN 0040-0262.  60(4), s 986- 1000
  • Bendiksby, Mika; Thorbek, Lisbeth; Scheen, Anne-Cathrine; Lindqvist, Charlotte & Ryding, Olof (2011). An updated phylogeny and classification of Lamiaceae subfamily Lamioideae . Taxon.  ISSN 0040-0262.  60(2), s 471- 484
  • Oppegård, Camilla; Emanuelsen, Linda; Thorbek, Lisbeth; Fimland, Gunnar & Nissen-Meyer, Jon (2010). The Lactococcin G Immunity Protein Recognizes Specific Regions in Both Peptides Constituting the Two-Peptide Bacteriocin Lactococcin G. Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  ISSN 0099-2240.  76(4), s 1267- 1273 . doi: 10.1128/AEM.02600-09

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  • Skrede, Inger; Hess, Jaqueline; Balasundaram, Sudhagar Veerabadran; Thorbek, Birgitte Lisbeth Graae; Eastwood, Daniel; Pringle, Anne; Fossdal, Carl Gunnar; Durling, Mikael Brandström; Högberg, Nils & Kauserud, Håvard (2014). The genetic, expressional and physiological basis of invasiveness of the harmful house-invader Serpula lacrymans.

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