Persons tagged with «Biodiversity»

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Aune, Sigrun Nature types, Cultural landscape, Reforestation, GIS, Biodiversity, Ecology
Picture of Anders Bryn Bryn, Anders Associate Professor +47-22851637 Biodiversity, Biogeography, Cultural heritage, Cultural landscape, Distribution modelling, Ecological climatology, Treelines, Forest lines, GIS, Landscape ecology, Nature types, Vegetation mapping
Picture of Rune Halvorsen Halvorsen, Rune Professor +47-22851629 +47-95477287 Coniferous forests, Gradient analysis methods, Semi-natural grasslands, Bryophytes, Mires, Biodiversity, Nature types, Ordination, Population biology, Statistical modelling, Vegetation ecology, Ecology
Picture of Lars Ove Hansen Hansen, Lars Ove Head Engineer +47-22851706 Entomology, Curating, Systematics, Biodiversity, Hymenoptera - wasps, Orthoptera - grasshoppers & crickets
Picture of Torkjell Leira Leira, Torkjell Adviser +47-22851681 Amazon, Biodiversity, Brazil, Climate change, Deforestation, Indigenous peoples, Human rights, Project management, Rainforest, REDD+
Picture of Trude Magnussen Magnussen, Trude Doctoral Research Fellow Entomology, Systematics, Diptera, Speciation, Biodiversity, Biogeography
Picture of Gunnhild M Marthinsen Marthinsen, Gunnhild M Head Engineer +47-22851874 +47-99535482 DNA barcoding, Genetic resources, Biodiversity, Biological diversity, Systematics, Evolution, Zoology, Botany, NorBOL
Picture of Olav Skarpaas Skarpaas, Olav Professor +47 99294394 Ecology, Biodiversity, Spatial modelling, Ecological climatology, Population biology, Experimental ecology
Picture of Heidrun Asgeirsdatter Ullerud Ullerud, Heidrun Asgeirsdatter Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851639 95031447 +47 95031447 NiN, Nature types, Vegetation types, Mapping, Biodiversity, Ecology, Vegetation ecology, Distribution modeling, GIS
Picture of Anders Kvalvåg Wollan Wollan, Anders Kvalvåg Researcher +47-22851628 Biogeography, Biodiversity, Nature types, Vegetation ecology, Mycology, Hypogeic fungi, Distribution modelling, GIS, Scale dependent variation