Jörg Habersetzer: IDA's world - the Messel locality and the techniques used for the study

Early evolution of primates and how to tell the story

Dr Jörg Habersetzer

Based at the Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt, Habersetzer is a world renowned expert in the CT scanning of fossils. Hurum first contacted Habersetzer in order to test the veracity of Ida's fossil through CT scanning. The results revealed that Ida's fossil was 100% genuine - she had no reconstructed elements.

Habersetzer's X-rays and CT scans then provided a vital source of data for the Dream Team, allowing the team to dismantle Ida and see inside her without damaging the fossil. The CT scans revealed a wonderful surprise - Ida had some adult teeth that had not yet erupted, confirming she was less than one year old.


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