Toxodon platensis

Toxodon platensis Name: Toxodon platensis   

Locality: South America  

Age: Quaternary  

Showcase: Sloths showcase  

Two spots are visible on the front of the skull, marked by light dots, probable teeth marks from fights with other bulls.
The Toxodon-animal - Toxodon platensis - was a nearly 3 metre long, quadrupedal mammal from the Quaternary. It belonged to one of several groups of herbivorous mammals that lived only in South America. The Toxodon-animal had a broad, flat head and nose, eyes and ears were located high on the skull. This indicates that it stayed a lot near lakes, the same way as hippopotami do today.  

Other perissodactyles in the exhibition   

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Publisert 18. mai 2011 16:00